Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lawlessness Leads To More Lawless - Playing With Fire

Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder are playing with fire as they continue to portray Cops as the bad guys in the Black Community.   The reality is that the COPS are the only thing standing between complete chaos and some semblance of order; such as it is.  We see the protests across the country, some of which have turned violent related to cases that involved normal law enforcement whether in Ferguson, Missouri, or in New York City.   When Grand Jury's were presented with the facts, there has been no indictment of the police officers involved.  To second guess these cases, as is happening with Obama and Holder, is a huge mistake.  The President and Attorney General are in a sense insighting Black people to riot, rather than counseling them as to observe the rule of law.  This is extremely dangerous for all concerned. 

All of this might have been OK when Obama was a Community Organizer in Chicago; but now Obama is the President/Emperor of the entire United States, not just the Black Community.  Obama has asked for $575 million to better train Police Officers to prevent racial profiling and to pay for lapel cameras for COPS.   The lapel cameras are a great idea to protect COPS from unwarranted charges of racial profiling when they are just trying to their jobs.  However, the problem is otherwise with the Black Community.  Perhaps, our failing inner city public schools need to teach young Black Men, starting in elementary school and junior high, a course this Blogger once taught, while teaching in the inner city of Los Angles, on Law and Justice.  The reality is that if anyone of any color is stopped by a COP for anything, the rules of engagement for the citizen should just be do as you are told to do.  And, if a crime has been committed, don't resist arrest.  And, most importantly, don't attack the COP.  Well dah!   All of this is common sense; but obviously, all young people need to be taught this lesson.

Obama is trying to deflect attention from his unconstitutional Executive Order to give Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, the shellacking he just took in the last election and his failed Presidency and he is playing the race card to do it.   The problem is that Obama is really playing with fire.   You can bet that gun sales will go through the roof as hard working Americans, particularly those that live closest to the inner city determine that they must buy guns to protect themselves, their homes and their businesses.  Clearly, Socialist Governor Nixon of Missouri did not protect the businesses in Ferguson that were burned to the ground by rioters.  Abraham Lincoln once said that "anarchy breeds more anarchy", which is a way of saying that Lawlessness Leads To More Lawlessness.   We have a lawless President and Attorney General and we see the end result; chaos on our city streets.   Obama and Holder better pull this back in before there is more property damage and many more lives are lost; but don't count on it. 

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