Thursday, December 25, 2014

ObamaCare In Iowa Falling Apart

There are only two companies in Iowa that opted to provide ObamaCare and one of them CoOpportunity Health apparently is insolvent.  This company is being taken over by the state and so it is uncertain if those covered by CoOpportunity will actually have the health insurance they think they bought.  The other company, Coventry Healthcare, owned by Aetna is attempting to step into the breach; but the choices promised by Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress appear to be non existent, at least in Iowa.  This is particularly bad since it was none other than retiring Socialist Senator Tom Harkins of Iowa who was a big proponent and one of the authors of ObamaCare, until just recently when he said it was probably a big mistake.

ObamaCare is imploding of its own weight.  Even Socialists like New York Senator Chuckie Schumer realize now that they messed with the health insurance of the 85% of Americans that were pretty happy with what they had to deal with the 15% of Americans that needed health insurance.   We saw the end result in the last election, which was a blow out for Socialists who were sounded rejected at both the state and federal levels. 

This Blogger is more and more optimistic that ObamaCare will ultimately either be struck down by the Supreme Court in the case that is coming up next March and or it will be repealed because it is a national disaster.  This episode in Iowa is just the tip of the iceberg.  All of the numbers that were the basis for ObamaCare were smoke and mirrors.  This particular Socialist Scheme, like all Socialist Schemes, was predicated on LIES.  Everyday more of those lies are revealed making ObamaCare even more unpopular.   

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