Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Republican Jeb Bush Running For President - Not A Sure Thing

It should be no surprise that Jeb Bush, the former successful 'Republican Governor of Florida, is running for President.  Had he won in Florida the first time he ran there, it is likely that this Bush would have been in line to run for President before his brother George W Bush.  And, given Jeb's personality style and intelligence, it is possible that Jeb Bush may have been a better President than his brother; but we can never know that for sure.  Jeb Bush is a good guy and fairly Conservative; but he is a Bush.  Is the country ready for a third Bush Presidency.  I don't think so.  Though the first two Bush's were honorable men, their Presidencies have earned mixed reviews.  And, the notion that we could potentially see another Bush - Clinton contest is really old news. 

The Conservative base of the Republican Party has a problem with Jeb Bush because he supports Common Core, or the federalization of public education.  It is a really dumb idea.  Further, Jeb Bush may even support some form of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.  While this Blogger supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform, after securing our border once and for all, the notion of Amnesty for people who have entered our country illegally does not work for me.  While these people can and should be given legal status, citizenship for Illegal Alien adults should be off the table.  A path to citizenship for their children, that graduate from our high schools, should be as good as it gets.

In any case, while I like Jeb Bush, except related to these two issues, this Blogger believes it is time for fresh blood and Conservative ideas in the Republican Party.  In addition, Republicans need to nominate  candidates that comes from blue collar roots, not another country club Republican with ties to Wall Street.  Haven't we learned that lesson with Mitt Romney.  That is the reason I favor a Kasich - Rubio ticket; though I also like Ted Cruz of Texas.  We need a Hispanic on the ticket to reach out to Hispanic voters.  Jeb Bush is a close second, since his wife is Hispanic, he speaks Spanish and is Catholic, rather than Protestant; but there is that same old Establishment Country Club connection that will not play well in Middle America.  Time will tell if Jeb Bush can excite the base of the Republican Party during the primaries; but as of now, I would not count on it. 

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