Friday, December 19, 2014

Obama Normalizing Relations With Cuba - Why Now

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama has issued an Executive Order to normalize relations with Cuba.  The question is why now?   While Obama just agreed to a prisoner exchange, which included sending back a murderer to Cuba, the notion of treating Communist Cuba, just like any other country, while getting nothing in return is pretty darn dumb.  Though I am sure the US Chamber of Commerce and American business supports opening up of Cuba's market so we can put a MacDonald's on every street corner, the fact is that the government of Cuba is still a repressive regime that denies freedom to its people. 

And, Cuba is not China with a billion people that we could not ignore.  It is very small country, with little market potential, supported primarily by Russia and Venezuela, both of which are now facing serious economic problems that could lead to less support for Cuba.  The average Cuban makes just $20 a month.  Doctors in Cuba are paid $67 a month.  Cuba is an economic basket case.  In addition, the Castro brothers are both more than 85 years old.  It is only a matter of time before they both bite the dust.   At that point, we would have had more leverage to push Cuba toward democratic reforms in return for normal relations with the United States.   

Perhaps Obama has an ulterior motive for normalizing relations with Cuba now getting nothing in return for our recognition.   Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), which is opposed by Congress.  There may be another Executive Order coming giving Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba before Obama leaves office.   To do that, the United States must have normal relations with Cuba.  Don't be surprised if this does not happen in the next year or two.  Obama is doing everything he can to weaken the United States before he leaves office.  Closing Guantanamo, when we face more Terrorist threats than ever, is part of Obama's game plan.  As Forest Gump always said, "Stupid is as Stupid does". 

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