Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Expansion Of NATO - A Failure To Understand Russian History

Given the war in Ukraine, it appears that both Sweden and Finland have applied for membership in the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the unanimous votes are now there from all NATO members to approve their addition to the Alliance.  This means that Russia will be totally surrounded by NATO members in Eastern Europe, the Baltic Countries and Turkey.   This will put NATO forces within easy distance of Russia's major cities and the Crimea.  And, let's not forget that Russia has fought wars with Finland, Sweden and Poland in the past.  And, that Ukraine and the Crimea taken from the Turks have been part of Russia on an off for centuries.  Matter of fact, this blogger visited the old Soviet Union in 1974 when Ukraine was part of their country.  I visited Kiev, Odessa, Moscow and what is today St. Petersburg.  

The West argues that NATO is a defensive alliance, which of course is ridiculous since the United States, Britain and France all possess nuclear weapons and the delivery systems to hit Russian Cities in a matter of minutes.  Given Russian paranoia that dates back to the first Tzars and invasions by the Mongols, French and Germans and their inferiority complex, whether it be Vladimir Putin or any other leader of Russia, they would have to feel threatened by what they see at their borders.  Just imagine if there were Chinese or Russian troops based in Mexico.  How would the United States react? The Cuban Missile crisis in 1962 almost resulted in armageddon.   

Expansion of NATO and Western sanctions will cause an even stronger alliance between Russia and China.  China will buy all the Russian oil and gas that Putin can supply giving Putin the income that he needs to build up his Navy based in the Black Sea, Vladivostok in the Pacific and Kaliningrad in the Baltics.  That will mean many more nuclear powered and equipped submarines that will also be based in places like China, Syria, Venezuela, African countries and maybe even Cuba.  

The only way Russia can protect itself from NATO is by additional nuclear weapons and advanced delivery systems to get those weapons on targets in Western countries in minutes.  NATO will have far superior ground forces with the build up happening now and especially with the addition of Sweden and Finland that shares a 600 mile border with Russia.  Forget about tanks.  Russia would use missiles and tactical nuclear weapons to destroy NATO forces, which would force Western countries to respond with nuclear weapons.  

Our foreign policy brainiacs have really screwed this up.  Our real enemy is China not Russia.  Russia is a Christian nation often fighting Islamic terrorism in some of its provinces.  Russia should have been invited to join NATO so that the positioning of Ukraine or the Baltic countries would have been irrelevant.  Instead we have acted as though the Cold War never ended.  After the  the Soviet Union collapsed, Putin argued why was NATO even necessary.  For a while there, it looked like Russia would be incorporated into Western Europe selling them oil and gas, which they desperately needed.  But instead as we failed to understand Russian history, we fed their paranoia making an invasion of Ukraine that threatened NATO membership a reality.  

Stupid is as stupid does.  Western countries led by the United States under feckless Joe Biden are failing to see this train coming.   The odds of nuclear war with Russia just increased dramatically with the addition of Sweden and Finland into NATO.  Russia will use cyber terrorism and or nuclear weapons striking first if it feels threatened.  After the war with Germany and Hitler and the loss of 20 million Russians, they have their motto of NEVER AGAIN.  That is why they strived to control Eastern Europe after World War II.  They were determined that there could never be an invasion coming from Western Europe again.  

So here we are.  Russia and China will form a very strong alliance both offensive and defensive.  China will attack Taiwan at some point.  Russia will support China with its Pacific fleet.  We will end up in World War III only this time the United States will suffer great losses on our mainland.  It will be a two front war involving NATO as well.  President Trump understood all of this as he attempted to deal with both Russia and China.  Joe Biden is clueless.   

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