Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Men Are From Mars - Women Are From La - La Land

There are only two sexes; biological men and biological women no matter what a person's sexual orientation.  Men produce sperm.  Women produce eggs.  When they come together, they create a fertilized embryo that once attached to a uterus eventually turns into a baby.  Only biological women with a functioning uterus can get pregnant and have babies.  Sex change operations may alter plumbing; but they do not change the biology of human beings.  Apparently, woke Socialist Fascists now claim that stating the basic science of human beings is transphobic.  So, men are from Mars and women are from La - La Land.  These are the same people that always argue that we must follow the science unless of course, it does not reflect their crazy narrative.  

LGBTQIA people can designate themselves any sexual orientation they please; but it still does not change the biology.  Whatever is in their heads, they are still either biological men or women.  We have reached crazy concerning this discussion.  The World Health Organization now plans to deny the biology to support the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  To be clear, this Blogger is not anti - LGBTQIA.  I don't care what sexual orientation people claim, or who they choose to marry, love etc.  

However, to deny basic biology is just plain ridiculous. Only women can get pregnant and have babies.  LGBTQIA women can get pregnant and have babies provided they are females.  LGBTQIA men cannot get pregnant and have babies.  I include all the designations not to leave anybody out; but no doubt given the addition of new categories daily, I am quite sure somebody is missing.  Just imagine the confusion this is causing for young children as woke public and even some private schools try to explain all of this to kids as young as kindergarten when they don't even know their primary colors or how to read.  We need to get back to basics.  Biology is the story.  Let's stop all the BS please.  

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