Friday, July 29, 2022

Two Tiers Of Justice In America

There are two tiers of justice in America.  One for Socialist Fascists, those in the Deep State feeding at the trough, Fake News, the 100 largest companies in the US that control 50% of our GDP, radical left wing organizations and street thugs.  If someone happens to be a member of any of these groups; no worries.  You can lie, cheat, steal, riot, loot, and even commit murder without much consequence.  However, if you happen to be a Conservative America First Republican, look out.  The Socialist Fascists are coming after you because you have been designated as "domestic terrorists".

Just imagine if the Trump family had taken all the bribes the Biden Crime Family has taken from foreign countries and particularly from China.  There would have been Impeachment Trial number 3, 4 and 5 and even RINOS would have voted for Trump's Impeachment.  Yet, we see no investigations by Socialist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland of Hunter Biden and his ties to the "Big Guy" his father, Joe Biden who was getting a 10% cut on all his corrupt deals.  Biden's brothers are also in on the corruption as they have selling the Joe Biden connection to generate phoney income for years.  We learn now from Whistle Blowers at the FBI, that there is a cover up happening as they bottom drawer all the information concerning Hunter Biden.  The Deep State protects their own because they are all feeding at the trough.  

And, while BLM and Antifa rioted, looted, burned down cities and businesses and caused hundreds of injuries and even deaths, there is no Socialist Fascist Congressional investigation of them, nor much jail time for these thugs and criminals.   Oh no!.  Instead, the Justice Department is focused on the "biggest investigation in American history" related to the riot at the Capitol on January 6th.  More than 800 people have been arrested and persecuted as Domestic Terrorists along with parents protesting at School Board Meetings.  The Gestapo at the FBI and Justice Department has hunted down these people as though they were murderers in Chicago, which of course they pay no attention to.  

So rather than investigate Joe Biden who is a real crook, the DOJ is investigating Donald Trump to file criminal charges against him for "causing the January 6th riot" even though none of that is true.   Their goal is to prevent Trump from running for President again and they will fail again to bring Trump down.  There are two tiers of justice in America.  We see it everyday and it will lead to the dissolution of our country.  We cannot go on with the injustices occurring without long term repercussions.  

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