Sunday, July 10, 2022

School Choice - The Civil Rights Issue Of This Era

90% of children in the United States attend public schools.  The taxpayers of America spend $750 billion a year on K - 12 education more than any other country; yet academic achievement is dismal.  Half the students in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  The public schools that used to be the foundation of democracy, the great equalizer and the means of upward mobility are broken.  The demise of the public schools occurred in the last 40 years with the dominance of teacher unions and the Socialist left wing indoctrination they advocate rather than education, which is occurring in our schools.  It has never been worse than it is today.  It is the reason for the School Board wars that are happening all over the country as parents and taxpayers have finally stood up to say ENOUGH.

President Franklin Roosevelt was against public employee unions because he knew it would lead to corruption.  That is never truer than with teacher unions that support lackey School Board candidates that once elected vote to reward them with goodies in their contracts.  One hand washes the other and it has resulted in lousy public schools all over America.  

Socialist Fascist teacher unions that should be focused on things like working conditions, salary, benefits and pensions are now focused on indoctrination teaching things like Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, fake history and imposition of the radical LGBTQIA agenda in our schools.  The National Education Association, (NEA), the largest teachers union in the country, headquartered in the DC swamp just announced that they will no longer use the word mother instead calling them "birthing parents" that "chest feed" to reflect the radical LGBTQIA agenda when only about 8% of our population is LGBTQIA.  Teachers unions support unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after, defunding the police, BLM and the Green New Deal that will destroy our economy.  In other words, teacher unions support the entire Socialist Fascist Party Platform and use their teacher union dues to elect radical left wing candidates that will do their bidding.  

While the battle to save our public schools must continue in earnest, it is very obvious that all parents must have School Choice so that the money follows the kid to any school chosen by the parents be they be private or public.  Poor and middle class parents must have the same ability as the rich to get their kids out of lousy public schools into great private schools.  Ironically, creating competition is the only way to improve academic achievement in public schools because lackey school board  members and Superintendents, owned by the teacher unions will not implement the reforms needed to improve the quality of education in public schools because those reforms would be opposed by teacher unions.  The good news is that 74% of Americans support School Choice so the tsunami is coming.  

School Choice is most important to kids of color because they are most impacted by lousy public schools, particularly in our inner cities.  As a result, School Choice is the Civil Rights Issue of this Era.  The state of Arizona is the first to enact universal School Choice for all students.  In this case, parents can take up to $7,000 a year directed to the school of their choice public or private.  Of course, the teacher union plans to fight this plan by putting an initiative on the ballot in Arizona to strike it down.  This is no surprise because School Choice threatens both their control over schools and their gravy train.  

The National Education Association just budgeted $140,000 to identify all organizations in the US that oppose their radical Socialist Fascist ideology and support School Choice.  In essence, they are forming an "enemies list".  So be it.  The battle is joined.  It is parents and taxpayers that care about quality education against Socialist Fascists whose goal it is to keep kids on the plantation to maintain their power and gravy train.  This fight will be furious and ugly as Socialist Fascists have labeled concerned parents and taxpayers as "domestic terrorists" for saying ENOUGH.  We wear that designation as a badge of honor.  

We are fighting for the kids of America unborn and born because quality education is a national security issue.  We cannot compete with China when half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  We cannot maintain a high standard of living when children leave public schools poorly educated with no marketable jobs skills.  Woke indoctrination must end.  Great education must become a national priority to Make America Great Again.    

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