Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Al Qaeda Is Active In Afghanistan - Now What!

When Feckless Joe Biden pulled out of Afghanistan in an embarrassing foreign policy fiasco, he announced that the US had no reason to remain there because Al Qaeda was gone.  Really!  The good news is that our military just took out Al Qaeda's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri who was directing terrorism around the world right from his balcony in downtown Kabul.  Our "over the horizon technology" works to demonstrate to terrorists that we an get to them any place on earth.  I assume that the drone that killed al-Zawahiri took over from a carrier off of Pakistan.  However it got there, it got there.

So now what to do to the Taliban.  The deal we had with them was that in exchange for the US pulling out of Afghanistan, they would not allow their country to be used as a base for terrorists.  Obviously, the Taliban knew that al-Zawahiri was operating from Kabul.  There is no doubt that Al Qaeda is all over Afghanistan.   We must give the Taliban an ultimatum.  Either they cease and desist, or the US must bomb all military installations all over Afghanistan.  This time, no troops on the ground, which was their game.  Now we need to play our game.  In war, we must never play the other guy's game because it is the road to defeat.

Joe Biden sent a message to terrorists all over the world.  Now Biden needs to send a message to the Taliban.  You screw with the United States and you die.  You can bet President Trump would have taken more action than just taking out al-Zawahiri.  China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are watching.  This is not about the Taliban; but rather deterring aggression by them.  Now that Fancy Nancy went to Taiwan, the Chinese are threatening the United States.  China must see the US as strong even though Biden is weak.  We are in very dangerous times.  Let's hope the people around Biden make the right decisions.  

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