Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Unequal Justice Under The Law

It has become very clear that Criminals, Socialist Fascists, Swamp Lizards, Fake News, Union Members, Antifa, BLM and the 100 largest companies in the United States are exempt from the laws of the land.  President Trump and his family members, Conservative America First MAGA Republicans, Parents speaking up at School Board Meetings and those of us who are Pro-Life and own guns are subject to both persecution and prosecution by the Deep State.  

The notion that feckless Joe Biden knew nothing of the FBI Gestapo raid on President's Trump Mar-A-Lago home is laughable.  Lackey's Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray would never have acted without White House approval because the implications are just too great.  They are out to destroy President Trump, which is nothing new.  This BS has been going on for seven years from the minute Trump walked down that escalator to announce his candidacy.  The Deep State fears and hates Trump because they cannot control, or own him as they do other Establishment politicians of both parties.  

So, both the Clinton and Biden Crime families get a pass for all their obvious crimes.  Deep State Swamp Lizards working at the FBI, IRS, CIA and other agencies that have clearly violated laws face no consequences.  Those attacking Conservative Supreme Court Justices are not prosecuted.  Antifa and BLM that rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses walk free.  Murderers and other Criminals are let free with no bail requirement.  The 100 largest companies in the United States violate the rights of their employees with no worries.  Woke School Boards indoctrinate children and face no charge of malfeasance.  Corrupt teacher unions are nothing more than an arm of the Socialist Fascist Party.  

We have a two tier justice system in the United States as we move toward tyranny and a Communist banana republic.  We face a weaponized Justice Department, FBI and IRS to make life miserable for their opponents; half the country that voted for President Trump.  All of this when combined with election shenanigans will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  The January 6th riot at the Capitol is nothing compared to the protests that are bound to happen all over the country if this tyranny continues.  Hopefully, this tyrannical overreach will add to the Red Wave coming in 2022 and 2024.  Clearly, once Republicans gain control of Congress and Presidency, they must roll back the threats to our freedoms.  Upcoming elections have never been more important to the well being of the United States.   

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