Friday, August 26, 2022

Trump Derangement Syndrome - Never Stops

Since the moment in 2015 that President Trump came down that escalator to announce he would run for the Presidency, The Deep State, Socialist Fascists, RINOS and woke companies in America have been out to destroy him.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome never stops.  The latest raid on Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago is just the latest attempt to prevent Trump from running for President again because they know if they don't stop him, Trump will win the Republican nomination and potentially a second term, which scares them to death.  The fact is that they hate Trump because the can't control or own him.

They know that Trump's America First MAGA policies resonate with the American people, which is a threat to them and their ability to continue feeding at the trough.  The Deep State has been spying on Trump for years.  They tried the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, two Impeachment Trials and the January 6 Hearing Circus and none of these efforts have brought Trump down because they were all bogus.  And, now they see MAGA candidates all over the country endorsed by President Trump, winning elections, which speaks to Trump's hold on the Republican Party.  

They perpetuate the "Big Lie" story as a threat to democracy, when these MAGA candidates are winning because of democracy.  Half the country believes that the "Big Lie" is that feckless Joe Biden won fair and square.  All those unsolicited mail out ballots that were harvested by Zuckerberg's army that may have been tampered with is what we see.  The real threat to our democracy is no voter ID, unsolicited mail out ballots, ballot harvesting and drop boxes that are not monitored.  Naturally, Socialist Fascists are attempting to pass federal laws requiring all the shenanigans that happened because of the Covid "emergency".  They learned how to steal elections and now they want those shenanigans codified into law.  If we allow it, we will never have a free and fair election again in our country.  It will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  

The next thing we are likely to see is a Justice Department indictment of President Trump if they dare to do it.  They are passed January 6th because they know they can't get Trump on the Capitol riot.  Now they will accuse Trump of treason presumably giving classified documents to Russia or China.  Of course, it is ridiculous and it will go nowhere in court; but the Socialist Fascists are desperate.  Short of assassination,  which some Socialist Fascist wing nut may very well attempt, they will do anything to stop Trump from running for President again.  The problem for them is that the more they try, the more popular Trump becomes with his PEEP's.  Watch the rallies explode with thousands of people at each of them.  And watch the millions of dollars Trump will raise as a result of this constant persecution.  $$$$

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