Friday, August 5, 2022

Socialist Fascists Bankrupting Our Country Causing Inflation & Recession

Since Joe Biden took office, Socialist Fascists with help from some Republicans have authorized trillions of dollars of spending that will not only bankrupt our country; but is causing double digit inflation and Recession, the worst since Jimmy Carter was President, 4 decades ago.  It seems that not a week goes by without some new multi-billion dollar bill being enacted into law to fund one boondoggle or another.  Things are so bad that even God sent the White House a message by a lighting strike right across the street from the White House at Lafayette Park killing two and injuring two others.  God is saying, what the hell are you doing?  Oh, I forgot, it is really just climate change in action.  

And, now to make matters worse, Socialist Fascists are raising taxes during a Recession, which is just never done.   As inflation continues out of control, it will force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates even higher and quickly to put the brakes on what is happening.  This could lead to a collapse in home prices because as mortgage rates go up, sale of homes will slow down.  We could see an even bigger drop in the stock market as the Recession gets worse.

Everything feckless Joe Biden has touched since taking office has turned into a mess.  Hopefully, Republicans will take back the entire Congress in 2022 to stop the carnage.  And, in 2024, whether it is President Trump back in office, or another America First MAGA Republican back in the White House, we can fix the messes Joe Biden and the Socialist Fascists have created.  But, it is going to be rough times until then.  

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