Thursday, August 18, 2022

John Kerry - Kept Man - Special Presidential Envoy For Climate

Brie eating John Kerry who talks with a Massachusetts upper crust accent is a very wealthy man who flies all over the world in his private jet when he is not on his private yacht, or staying at one of his 17 homes.  Of course, John Kerry is a kept man since he married Teresa Heinz who was married Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania and heir to the Heinz fortune until he was killed in a tragic plane crash.  But whatever Teresa may have gotten from Johnnie Boy, Teresa also inherited a fortune from her family.  Teresa Heinz Kerry is reported to be worth about a Billion dollars.  John Kerry who had nothing knew a gravy train when he saw one.  Kerry swooped in as soon as Teresa was available and no doubt swept her off her Jimmy Choos.  

So, now Kerry flies all over the world leaving behind a HUGE carbon footprint as he tells the rest of us peons to stop driving our SUV's, heating and air-conditioning our homes, eating meat coming from cows that fart and add methane gas to the atmosphere.  In Kerry's latest shenanigans he was forced to reveal documents by a Freedom of Information Act Request.  So of course, Kerry redacted all the names of the left wing organizations that are his pals.  

John Kerry is a Deep State Swamp Lizard and kept man.  Kerry lives the good life while telling the rest of us to stop living the good life because his wife Teresa supports him in the manner in which he is accustomed to living.  If John Kerry would just stop flying all over the world and get rid of all his houses, airplanes, yacht etc. he could stop putting his carbon pollution into the atmosphere.  This man adds more carbon to our environment in one month that the average American will add in 10 life times.  The hypocrisy is just too great to ignore.  Kerry is the worst example of a Deep State Swamp Lizard there is in Washington DC.  Kerry betrays our country every time he opens his mouth.  Kerry is clearly an enemy of the American people.  

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