Sunday, August 7, 2022

Election Integrity, Secure Borders & "The Big Lie"

Without Election Integrity and Secure Borders, the United States will end as we know it.  Socialist Fascists learned during the Covid crisis how to cheat in elections and now they want to enact into federal law all the shenanigans that occurred in the 2020 election.  Socialist Fascists want to continue mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots that can be fraudulently voted by ballot harvesters. They want no voter ID required to vote and no proof of citizenship as they allow millions of illegal aliens to invade our country.  The "Big Lie" is that Joe Biden actually won the election in 2020 by implementation of these "emergency procedures" by Governors without the authorization of their state legislatures as was required by law.  

We must have voter ID to be eligible to vote.  Only those requesting an absentee ballot should be sent one.  Ballot harvesting must be prohibited because it breaks that chain of custody.  Unmanned drop boxes must be prohibited.  Since there is no ID required in many states, we don't know who is voting those ballots.  And, there must be proof of citizenship to register to vote because there are so many illegal aliens invading our country.  We cannot have election integrity if we don't have it by law in all states.  

Further, we must secure our border.  That means finishing the Wall that Trump began.  It means working with Mexico to stop the Cartels from human smuggling and bringing drugs into our country that are killing thousands of people every year.  Those that enter our country illegally must be immediately deported.  They can apply for asylum at American embassies in their countries and wait their turn for consideration rather than paying smugglers to get them across our border.  None of these things will happen as long as Socialist Fascists control Congress or the White House.  

If we don't deal with the election integrity issue and securing our border, it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  At some point, Red states will want to separate from Blue States as their citizens demand separation.  We will not tolerate shenanigans during elections and the invasion at our border.  The divide in our country will just continue to widen until, it can be tolerated no more.  If they are not stopped, Socialists Fascist, Fake News, The Deep State and the 100 largest companies in our country are pushing the United States toward dissolution.  We have irreconcilable differences that cannot be bridged by compromise anymore.  

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