Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The IRS Gestapo Is Coming To Audit YOU

Socialist Fascists recently added billions of dollars into their latest SwindleUs Plan to double the size of the IRS.  They will be hiring 87,000 additional IRS agents to go after "tax cheats" AKA Republican Trump Supporters. The IRS will soon be larger that the next four government agencies combined.  In training new IRS agents, they are being told that they are part of law enforcement and therefore must now carry guns.  Really!.  Imagine, Gestapo accountants with guns.  It is actually kind of funny if it were not so dangerous to our freedoms.  This is perfectly logical from a Socialist Fascist perspective since most of their PEEP's pay little or no income taxes at all.  Socialist Fascists have little to lose going after the 50% of Americans that pay all the income taxes in our country. 

And, feckless Joe Biden's pronouncement that the IRS will only focus on taxpayers earning more than $400,000 a year is BS.  Most small businesses are Subchapter S corporations, which means that they file as personal taxpayers rather than corporate taxpayers.  So, Joe the pizza man that owns a couple of restaurants in town, could easily have earnings of $400,000 or more.  So could Joe the plumber, or Joe the electrician and thousands of other small businesses.  

Very wealthy people can hire highly paid accounting and law firms to take advantage of every loop hole on the books.  The typical small business may not be able to hire that level of expertise or talent so they will be stuck fighting the IRS Gestapo.  Let's not forget that the IRS and FBI have already been found guilty of targeting Conservatives in the past and there have been no apologies or prosecutions.  Just imagine an IRS with 160,000 plus employees out to draw blood from hard working taxpayers.  That is what is coming for millions of Americans just like YOU.  

As soon as Republican take back control of Congress, they must cut the level of funding for the IRS.  We have to starve the beast to prevent the attacks that are coming.  That money should be going into securing our border to stop the invasion of Illegal Aliens and drugs entering our country.  This is a life or death issue as China is flooding our country with fentanyl that is killing thousands of Americans every year.  We don't need more IRS agents.  We need to finish building the wall and put several thousand more border patrol agents and other law enforcement officers on our border.  Of course, Socialist Fascists will never do that because they want more of their PEEP's entering our country that they can tether to federal government entitlements to buy votes.  It is all so predictable.  

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