Wednesday, August 3, 2022

President Trump Owns The Republican Party

What Socialist Fascists, Fake News, the Deep State, RINOS, and the 100 largest companies in the US don't seem to understand despite all their propaganda, is that half the country believes that the election in 2020 was stolen from President Trump by rampant voter fraud that resulted fr0m unsolicited mail out ballots, ballot harvesting etc.  The "Big Lie" we see is that feckless Joe Biden legitimately got more than 80 million votes far more than Obama ever got.  And that the threat to our democracy is all the election shenanigans happening in the Blue States.  

We see that President Trump increased his vote by 11 million over 2016 to get more than 75 million votes.  We also see that no candidate that has carried Ohio, Texas and Florida has ever lost a Presidential election.  So MAGA America First Republicans, endorsed by President Trump that question the election integrity of 2020 keep winning.  What a surprise.  The recent Primary was no exception as yet another RINO Congressman who voted for Trump's impeachment lost his race.  So did the Republican Speaker of the Republican House who testified in the sham January 6th Committee Circus.  The lesson is, go against Trump and lose.

Clearly, President Trump owns the Republican Party.  If he wants the nomination in 2024,  Trump will have it.  And, given all the messes Biden has created in just a few years, there is a good chance that President Trump will win a second term; that is if we don't see more voter fraud.  Next to go down will be Lizzy Cheney, the RINO prosecuting Trump on the January 6th committee.  Chenny will be gone with the wind soon.  And, she will lose big during her Primary in Wyoming.  

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