Thursday, August 4, 2022

Kansas Abortion Vote - Republicans - Time For Common Sense

In Kansas, the Reddest of Red states, voters voted 59% to keep abortion in their state Constitution and 41% opposed to prevent their state legislature from ending abortion in Kansas.  This majority primarily came from unaffiliated voters who were not able to vote in the Socialist or Republican primaries; but came out specifically to vote on this abortion issue.  There is no doubt that there will be one issue abortion voters in the 2022 Midterm elections no matter what other issues are far more important.

Since Socialist Fascists have no success record to run on, they will be running on the ability to kill babies right up until birth and the January 6th Committee circus.  Republicans don't need to worry much about the January 6th BS because most people know that it is a biased anti Trump witch hunt; but Republicans do need to worry about the abortion issue. 

The notion of stopping all abortions from happening in the country is a loser.  As an ardent pro-lifer, I am telling Republicans that they must support a common sense abortion law in those states that allow abortion.  It should allow abortion up to 11 weeks after conception, which is in line with the heartbeat law and 57% of abortions that happen by the abortion pill.  And, there must be exceptions for rape, incest and if the mother's life is in danger up to 20 weeks, which is in keeping with Roe V Wade and Casey.  There are conservative groups pushing for a common sense solution.  And, the law should be clear that contraception is not impacted at all by any law that would prohibit it and there can be no prohibition about crossing state lines to get an abortion.  

Republicans must seem reasonable on abortion; but clearly state that abortion right up until birth and even after is infanticide murder.  If Republicans don't do this, it may kill their chances of taking back the Congress.  It is time for some common sense.  

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