Sunday, August 21, 2022

CNN Ratings In The Toilet - Heads Are Starting To Roll

The writing was on the wall when Warner Brothers Discovery bought CNN with ratings in the toilet.  The new owners want a return on their acquisition investment and the only way to get that ROI is to increase ratings in order charge more per ad minute.  CNN as the propaganda arm of the Socialist Fascist Party and Fake News is so left wing that half the country NEVER watches their commentator hacks.  So the worst of the worst heads are starting to roll.  Dough Boy Brian Stelter, the host of Unreliable Sources was fired.  Jeffrey Toobin their left wing legal analyst of Zoom Call masterbation fame has also been fired.  

But this is just the beginning of the house cleaning that will be necessary for CNN to have any credibility as a news network.  They must end their Trump Derangement Syndrome that has been constant since the day President Trump came down that escalator to announce his candidacy in 2015.  CNN must also stop talking about the "Big Lie" as though it is gospel when half the country believes that Joe Biden won the election in 2020 by fraudulent shenanigans.  

And, every breaking news story cannot continue to be about the perceived evils of Donald Trump when we know that much of those stories are baloney.  CNN's new management is interested in unbiased news to attract the other half the country that never watches.   To get there, CNN must fire all the Socialist Fascist Party Hacks on their network.  That means bye, bye to Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and many others.  CNN's market share stinks because it is the all propaganda network.  Half the country ignores CNN because of the constant, never ending anti-Trump left wing bias and lies. 

CNN Management needs to clean house to increase ratings.  They must hire some real Conservatives not RINO Trump Haters to serve as contributors.  Ultimately, money talks.  It is about shareholder value.  In order for CNN to increase its ratings and ad revenues,  they must get rid of all the Socialist Fascist Party hacks on their payroll.  CNN needs to be fair and balanced words that have not been  prevalent at CNN in years.  

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