Saturday, August 20, 2022

Gender Sex Change Surgeries On Small Children

It is hard to believe that there are doctors and hospitals presumably directed by parents to perform sex change operations that are permanent on very young children.  Many kids are being given puberty blocking drugs in the name of presumed gender confusion to prevent them from becoming a boy or girl.  This sounds like something that would have happened in NAZI Germany or Imperial Japan in the name of perverse experimentation; but not in America.  This mutilation of children that is happening is criminal malpractice.   

There is no way children should be having these sex change operations.  There is no way it should be legal for a doctor or hospital to perform these surgeries on minor children even if directed to do so by parents.  Someone should be 21 years old and an adult before deciding to have a sex change operation that is permanent.   

This is happening in the name of radical LGBTQIA ideology.  People are free to be who they are and love who they want; but performing sex change surgery that is permanent on a young child is just plain wrong.  It would result in the need to take powerful hormones to reverse what nature intended for the rest of their lives.  Only an adult should be making what will become a life long decision. 

It is time for state legislatures and Congress to prohibit sex change surgeries on young children.  This should be a bipartisan issue.  Further, it should be illegal for doctors to prescribe puberty blockers to prevent a child from becoming what nature intended at birth.  Hopefully, even members of the LGBTQIA community will see the common sense in making this an adult decision.        

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