Thursday, August 11, 2022

Establishment RINO Liz Cheney Will Lose Big

Trump Hater Establishment RINO Liz Cheney will lose big in the upcoming Wyoming Primary.  Having her father discredited RINO Dick Cheney do an ad for her actually will insure her loss.  What these RINOS just do not understand is that President Donald Trump owns the Republican Party.  As soon as Trump announces his candidacy for his second term, it is doubtful that any big name Republican will challenge him.  They will all be positioning for the VP slot.  

What the Cheney's also fail to understand is that half the country believes that the election was stolen from President Trump as a result of all the shenanigans that occurred in the name of the Covid Emergency.  Mailing out 80 million unsolicited ballots along with ballot harvesting paid for by Mark Zuckerberg led to massive voter fraud.  The notion that there is no proof is absurd.  In most cases, voter and even signature ID;s were not required.  Nobody really knows who cast those ballots.   They just suddenly appeared after election day in key states.  

And, in the movie 2,000 Mules, there was video evidence of the ballot harvesters turning in thousands of ballots at unmanned drop off boxes.  Half the country is convinced that feckless Joe Biden was elected by election fraud.  The January 6th Committee and the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago will not change the minds of 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump.  We know the Deep State has been out to destroy Donald Trump since the minute he came down that escalator to announce in candidacy in 2015.  It continues to this day.  So, bye bye, Liz Cheney.  You are your father are going down big time on Primary Day.  

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