Thursday, August 25, 2022

Florida Voters Reject Socialist Fascist School Board Members

In his battle to take back our public schools to end the indoctrination happening in them, the greatest Governor in the United States, Ron DeSantis of Florida is working to defeat woke Socialist Fascist School Board members supported by radical left wing teacher unions.  The result has been spectacular.  In recent elections in five of the larger school districts in the Florida, the voters threw out Socialist Fascist School Board members so that now those school districts are controlled by Republican Conservative majorities. 

These newly elected Conservative School Board members oppose Marxist, racist Critical Race Theory revisionist history and radical LGBTQIA gender indoctrination.  DeSantis is working to stop this bad teaching at both the state and local levels.  As a result, 25 out of 30 candidates endorsed by Governor DeSantis won election to take control of these local school boards.  The same thing must happen all over the country to stop the indoctrination and bad teaching that is happening in many public and even some private schools.  

Parents and other concerned citizens labeled as "Domestic Terrorists" by the Biden Justice Department are standing up to say HELL NO to Socialist Fascists focused on woke indoctrination, rather than improving the quality of education.  This is happening because half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  And to be sure, this national crisis is not about spending more on public schools based on the demands of teacher unions.  The United States already spends more on public education than any other country in the world, yet we see mediocre results because the public schools are broken.  

What happened in Florida is part of the Red Wave that is coming in the upcoming elections.  We cannot Make America Great Again without reforming our public schools.  The focus must be on quality  education and academic achievement not woke indoctrination.  Further, we must have School Choice in all states for all parents so that poor and middle class parents have the same rights as the rich to get their kids out of failing public schools and into quality private schools.  

Unless and until there is competition, we will never see improvement in public schools.  Those feeding at the trough oppose necessary reforms.  We must starve the beast in order for school board members, administrators and teachers to get the message.  We are not buying the crap they are selling.  The monies spent on education must follow the kid.  It is the only way to stop the indoctrination that is happening now to get back to educating the nation's children.    

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