Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Bush Cheney Era Is Over - Liz Cheney Lost Big - Now About Making Millions

RINO Liz Cheney was defeated in the Wyoming Primary by huge numbers.  A Trump America First candidate, Harriet Hageman born and raised in Wyoming kicked Cheney's ass.  But this wasn't just a repudiation of Trump Hater Cheney, it was the end of the Bush Cheney era.  What Establishment Republicans just don't seem to understand is that Trump owns the Republican Party; but it is really Trump's America First policies that resonate with the base of the party, not just Trump himself.  

Liz Cheney forgot that her job was to represent the people of Wyoming instead of focusing on her hatred of President Trump.  What is really laughable is that in her sort of concession speech, Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln as though now her job is to run for President to save the Republican Party from its voters and Trump.  Laughable!!  Country Club Republicans who have been feeding at the trough for decades are over.  We are sick and tired of their endless wars and betrayal of the American people to protect the Deep State, foreign countries and the military industrial complex.  

But not to worry.  Liz Cheney lives in Virginia and has for decades so now she will officially establish residency in Virginia because she has no future in Ruby Red Wyoming to perhaps run for Senate down the road in Virginia.  She is not really from Wyoming anyway.  In the process of her campaign, Cheney raised $15 million primarily from out of state donors.  She spent about $7 million of this money on her campaign because she knows that when she leave office in January, she can walk away with the difference.  And, as a Deep State Swamp Lizard, Cheney will now form a PAC (political action committee) dedicated to destroying President Trump.  No doubt, she will raise millions of dollars from Trump Haters all over the country a lot of which will go into her pocket.  That is just how it works and the game is played in the DC Swamp. 

So of course, Socialist Fascists, RINOS, Fake News, the 100 largest companies in America and the Deep State will reward Liz Cheney for her hatred of President Trump.  Cheney will end up on CNN or MSDNC and be invited to join corporate boards because they all hate Trump too.  They will welcome Cheney with open arms as she continues to spout her Trump Derangement Syndrome hatred.  Liz Cheney has no hope of running for President as a Republican.  Cheney is a loser; but she will use her new found fame to make millions of dollars just like here father, Dick Cheney.  Like Father, like Daughter.  Crooks of a feather flock together.  

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  1. Trump is Garbage. Let him be executed next to the Clinton's he never arrested nor ever intended to evidenced by his installation of all Swamp things like Sessions then Bill Epstein connected Barr