Tuesday, February 23, 2021

National Socialists Target Fox, Newsmax and OANN

Fascist National Socialists in Congress are demanding that cable companies cancel Fox, Newsmax and OANN.  While Fox still has a several Conservative commentators like Hannity, Ingraham, Levin,  Hilton and Carlson, day time Fox is now part of Fake News.  However, Newsmax and OANN, both growing viewers are the alternative to Fake News.  These are the only two news channels on cable focused on Trump voters; basically half the country.   This is part of the Cancel Culture we see happening all over the country in an attempt to silence those that oppose the National Socialist agenda.  It has to stop!

The National Socialists are playing with fire.  First, the cable companies are not likely to comply because the backlash in cancellations would be huge.  They would lose millions of customers and they know it.  Customers are the basis for ad dollars so it would cost them millions of dollars every week.  Fortunately, money still talks, however, the pressure could become intense. 

Aside from the negative impact on the 2022 and 2024 elections against the National Socialists,  any attempt to silence their opposition could lead to violent protests.  As they investigate the riot and attack that occurred at the Capitol on January 6,  Congress is failing to ask the question, what could cause normally law abiding citizens to attack the Capitol.  While we know now that there were some Antifa types involved in the attack on the Capitol, others that presumably were Trump supporters support law and order.  And, while the people who implemented the attack should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, it is important to explore what pushed them over the edge to the extent of risking jail time.  

The answer is the Cancel Culture we see happening everyday.  People can only take so much.  And, to say that these people were all White Supremist racist is absurd.  While this was clearly an organized well planned attack, that had nothing to do with Trump's speech that day, no doubt some people just got caught up in the moment.  Half the country will not tolerate the National Socialist agenda.  Hopefully, they will fight back with their votes; but that only works if people believe there is election integrity.  If there in no belief in free and fair elections, our country is at risk.  The Deep State Establishment better heed the warning signs.  

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