Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Dirty Harry Reid Is Dead - One Of The Biggest Crooks To Ever Serve In Congress

Dirty Harry Reid, long time Senator from Nevada is Dead.  Since we live in Nevada and had to endure Harry Reid for years, we can report that Reid was one of the biggest crooks to ever serve in Congress and that is saying a lot since so many of them are crooks.  Reid claimed he was a multi millionaire from the days he was an attorney in Nevada more than 40 years before he served in Congress.  That of course was BS.  First, Reid served on the Gaming Commission before going to Washington DC, which was an avenue for pay-off's and bribes.  Reid then got involved in all sorts of shady real estate deals that made him millions of dollars.  

Then once Reid was in Congress, his kids were paid lobbyists making millions of dollars lobbying him.  I am sure they took good care of their father, since with their help, Reid was able to live in the penthouse at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC.  Finally, Reid wrote a worthless book that his campaign bought from him that he gave out as Thank You's to his voters.  No doubt, Reid also walked away with millions of dollars in campaign funds.  In exchange, Reid did bring home the bacon for Nevada and his PEEP's.  

Aside from being a crook, Dirty Harry Reid did great damage to our country when he was majority leader of the Senate pushing through legislation to benefit his PEEP's harming our country in the process; but that is nothing new for Socialist Fascists.  Those in the Deep State Swamp of both political parties will applaud Dirty Harry Reid because he was one of them feeding at the trough for years.  Harry Reid should burn in hell for all his crooked deals and the damage he did to our country.  In the Italian tradition, I know I will be wearing red to celebrate his death.  Good riddance to a big crook!  

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