Monday, December 27, 2021

Covid Craziness - Why All The Testing

It appears that some people that have been vaccinated for Covid and some that have not been vaccinated are getting the new Covid Omicron variant.  So what?  While the Omicron variety appears to be highly contagious, the symptoms don't appear to be much worse than a common cold.  So why all the fuss and why the big emphasis on testing other than to pay Big Pharma billions more.  If someone's gets the symptoms, it may make sense to get a test to confirm that it is Omicron; but otherwise, why waste the time or money on testing.  

So now of course, teacher unions in some states are demanding that the schools go back to online learning.  Some universities are going back to online learning.  We can't allow this to happen.  Half the kids in our country can't read or do math at grade level.  They can't afford to lose another year.  If a kid or anybody else gets sick, they should just stay home.  If others have been exposed, they should be tested or maybe quarantine for a few days to see if they get sick.  But we have to get back to living life.  

There are now decent therapeutics to treat Covid either in a hospital if really sick, or at home.  This blogger has taken Zinc, Vitamin D and Quercuron, which in combination seems to be a preventative.  Most who have died of Covid had a Vitamin D deficiency.  Since we travel on airplanes at least once a month, eat in restaurants regularly and have been exposed to people who have had Covid even before we were vaccinated, perhaps these supplements do work to prevent catching Covid.  In any case, the people in our country are weary.  Many are sick of seeing big mouth Socialist Deep State Swamp Lizard Flip Flop Fauci on TV promoting himself and his forever Covid theories.  Life must go on.  Use lots of hand sanitizer and avoid big crowds.  We will be fine even if we catch Covid.   

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