Sunday, December 5, 2021

Fake News Trump Derangement Syndrome Never Ending

Fake News has a Trump story on the hour every day of the year.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is so great that they can't do an hour without spewing Trump hatred.  Or, it might be that their ratings are so far down the toilet that they will do anything to keep the few viewers that they have left and it is just a few.  They focus on the "Big Lie" that Joe Biden won by election fraud, which half the country believes is true.  Despite the Deep State refusing to investigate the election because they hated Trump too, history tells the real story.  No candidate for President who carried Ohio, Texas and Florida all bell weather states has ever lost the election.  Trump carried all three by big percentages because there was no election shenanigans in those states as there was in other states.  

Further, Trump got 11 million more votes in 20 than in 16, which is a record for any incumbent President.  Obama actually got fewer votes when he ran for reelection than he got in his first election.  So we are expected to believe that senile, feckless Joe Biden actually got several million more votes than Barack Obama.  Seems unlikely.  The problem with all of this, which makes election fraud very feasible is that none of it adds up.  Millions of mail in ballots without the need for Voter ID approved by various Governors because of the Covid pandemic without the approval of their state legislatures as required by their state Constitutions is the reason many believe that fraud gave Biden the election.  

None of it matters.  Without Trump stories every hour on the hour, Fake News would lose what few viewers they have today.  Viewers tie to ad dollars, which is probably why management at these Fake News stations is insisting on Trump stories as often as possible.  They know that without Trump, they would continue to lose viewers.  It is getting pretty old.  Rehashing the same old BS over and over again for the last 5 years is just not news, or even interesting.  

Just wait, Trump is rolling out his own social media company to stop the censorship that is happening of him and other Conservatives and Republicans.  This is a signal that Trump will be running in 2024 because he needs easy access to his 50 million plus followers.  Of course, all of this will drive Fake News crazy, but who cares.  With each day that passes, Fake News becomes less relevant to the American people because they refuse to cover the news like all the Biden Crime Family stories that should be front and center.  Instead, crickets when it comes to National Socialist Fascist racist Crooks and Liars.  

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