Monday, November 29, 2021

New Covid Variants & The Endless Pandemic

National Socialist Fascists never let a good crisis go to waste.  Covid has been their dream crisis.  Covid and election fraud helped elect a feckless President with dementia.  Covid has driven wild social spending in the trillions of dollars that would never have been approved without Covid.  So, now we have new variants coming out of Africa and probably other parts of the world too.  Everyday spent focused on Covid is a day Fake News does not focus on rampant inflation, energy prices, crime, the illegal alien invasion at our border, China, Russia and Iran.  Biden can go before the nation each day to provide us his Covid update rather than deal with other issues and messes he has created.  

Problem is we have heard it all before.  Last July Biden told us that we had defeated Covid.  Really!  There have been more Covid deaths in Biden's first year in office than in Trump's last year.  But forget about facts.  Now Biden and his National Socialist Pals in Congress will use the new Covid variant to push his $2 Trillion Build Back Broke SwindleUS Plan.  Why not?  Biden will say that we need all these new entitlements that will bankrupt our country to fight Covid.  Of course, it is all BS.  

We can't go backwards no matter what happens with Covid.  We can't close schools again.  We can't shut down the economy again.  We will have to do the best we can to protect those most vulnerable; those over 65 and or with serious diseases who are most susceptible to serious illness, hospitalization or even death from Covid.  Yes, everyone should get vaccinated; but Mandates should not be happening.  Further, getting vaccinated is no gaurantee of escaping Covid, or especially the new variants of Covid.  

We will have to take our chances as we do with every other illness or accident.  No doubt there will be more deaths from Covid just as there are deaths from many other diseases.  We can't stop living for fear of dying.  In the meantime, National Socialist Fascists will try every trick in the book to enact their Socialist Schemes.  Death could be less painful.  Let's Go Brandon!

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