Friday, November 26, 2021

American History Is A Much Bigger Story Than Just About Slavery

Those who advocate Marxist, racist, revisionist Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project attempt to tie every aspect of American history to slavery.  And, while slavery and the discriminatory Jim Crow laws that followed in the South enacted by Democrats were brutal and very sad chapters in our history,  they in no way were integral to the entire American story, which is so much bigger in world history.  As a former history and government teacher who taught the great, good, bad and ugly about American and world history with no sugar coating, I taught the whole story and nothing but the truth.

Woke government including many school boards, Fake News and the largest companies in the United States are peddling a distorted version of American history that denies and distorts the facts.  First, most American of all colors living in the United States today have ancestors that came to America long after slavery was ended.  And, most of those immigrant families never even lived in the South where racial discrimination after the Civil War was worst.  That is not to say that Blacks did not experience discrimination all over America; but the same was true for many later immigrant groups.  What is often lost is the fact that the Klu Klux Klan also hated Jews and Catholics and various immigrant groups as much as they hated Blacks.  And, that nearly all later immigrant groups, races and nationalities also faced incredible discrimination.  This does not excuse the racial discrimination Blacks experienced; but it does recognize that discrimination, primarily practiced by White Protestants was a national problem.  

Ironically, America is often portrayed as this terrible country that stole native American lands, which is true and made it impossible for all Blacks and other minorities to succeed, which is not true.  After all, the American people elected its first mixed race President twice and now Vice President not to mention thousands of other peoples of various colors and races in all levels of government.  Clearly, those who work hard succeed in our country regardless of race.  The proof is in their success.  And, in real numbers there are more poor White people on welfare than Black people.  There are also more Whites killed by cops every year in the line of duty than Black people. 

And, what is funny is that people of various races and colors risk their lives every year to come to our country illegally.  If America was so bad and racist, why the hell would illegal aliens risk everything to get across our border and into our country.  This former history teacher has no problem recognizing the whole truth about American and world history without any sugar coating.  It is time for those who hate America to do the same.  Let's at least agree on the truth, rather than attempt to revise history into nothing more than Socialist, Fascist or Communist propaganda in an attempt to destroy our country.  Let's Go Brandon!  

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