Monday, November 1, 2021

The Green New Deal - Just Another Global Socialist Scheme

 As best I can tell based on Internet information, global climate has gone up about 1.1 degrees in the last 170 years with the beginning of the industrial era.  A lot of this happened before various measures were taken to clean up carbon energy.  And now, natural gas which should be the bridge to whatever energy future is possible is 50% cleaner than burning oil or coal in power plants.  Nuclear energy emits no carbon emissions at all.  In any case, the global Socialists running many countries including Joe Biden want to collect higher taxes and spend trillions of dollars on the Green New Deal to contain the rise of climate temperature in the next 50 years to just 1.5 degrees.  Really!

The best way to do that without Socialist Schemes in all the other countries is to get China responsible for more than 30% of the carbon pollution in the world to stop building coal fired power plants, which they are adding at one a week.  While all energy sources should be cleaner, safer and cheaper, we don't need to destroy jobs in the United States to meet our climate goals because it is happening anyway.  Further, what is really occurring with all of this is the biggest transfer of wealth from first world countries to third world countries primarily at US taxpayer expense.  It is the biggest welfare program ever implemented in the world.  

Clearly, with the right incentives in place, we can move to more electric cars though they are more expensive than gas powered cars.  We can add wind and solar into the mix though most of that equipment is made in China so it does nothing to add jobs in the US other than jobs to install the equipment.  Frankly, in the US, we just need to keep doing what we have been doing anyway using natural gas and nuclear energy as the primary energy sources until something better comes along.  What the National Socialist Fascists keep pushing is just higher taxes and bigger government.   It will lead to a lower standard of living for all Americans and hurt the poor most.  We need to push back by electing Republicans that support the use of all energy sources as a bridge to the future.  

There is no need to panic.  Yes, we will have storms, tornados, hurricanes and fires; but these events have been happening for thousands of years to greater or lesser degree.  Climatic change is a normal aspect of global life.  We need to devise mitigation strategies to deal with weather events that we know are probable.  It is not the end of the world.  

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