Thursday, November 18, 2021

National Socialist Fascists Hypocrisy Is Disgraceful

The National Socialist Fascists in the House of Representative with the help of just two RINO's Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney voted to censure Conservative Republican and Trump Supporter Paul Gosar from Arizona stripping him of his committee assignments.  His crime against humanity is that he posted a Japanese video game cartoon showing him as the dragon slayer so to speak fighting AOC, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Joe Biden.  It was a joke; but wait Fascists have no sense of humor.  The Fascists claimed Gosar was advocating violence to kill all of them.  Really!

These are the same people in Congress who have looked the other way as BLM and Antifa have rioted, looted and burned down cities resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries and billions of dollars in property damages without any meaningful prosecutions.  Mad Max Waters has regularly incited violence against supporters of President Trump.  Not to mention the fact that Waters is a crook who pays millions of taxpayer dollars to her family members.  AOC's squad is blatantly anti sematic and racist.  They hate White people and Jews.  Socialist Adam Schitt, liar and crook regularly leaked classified information and spent 5 years pushing the Russia Hoax story. Socialist Eric Swalwell slept with a Communist spy; Fang Fang.  I could go on and on related to Socialist Fascists behaviors throughout the Trump years and even today.  Yet no censure for any of them because they and Fake News just ignore their serious transgressions and even violation of law.  

And, let's not forget that the National Socialist Fascists support abortion infanticide right up until birth and even after.  Millions of innocent babies have actually died because of their insistence on unrestricted abortion.  And, that is no joke, nor just a cartoon video.  Clearly, the National Socialist Fascist Hypocrisy that exists is disgraceful.  And, it is time for the Republicans in the House to throw Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney out of the party.  Republicans in Wyoming have excommunicated Cheney.  Kinzinger is  not running again because he knows he would have lost the primary.  So, Republicans in the House need to get rid of both of them.  Cheney and Kinzinger need to be stripped of their committee assignments; but not to worry Fancy Nancy will appoint them to Committees anyway.  These two RINOS can declare themselves Independents, or even Socialists since they regularly vote with them against Republicans and they both are vehement Never Trumpers.  

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