Sunday, November 7, 2021

Honoring American Veterans

On November 11th, we honor all Americans Veterans who have fought and died for our country to defend our freedoms.  Some of the wars in our history ended tyranny, Fascism and Communism.  Our soldiers have all been heroes.   Unfortunately, many military and civilian leaders since the Vietnam War have been incompetent getting us into never ended foreign wars that resulted in the unnecessary deaths and or wounding of thousands of our brave soldiers.  

The recent surrender in Afghanistan that looked a whole lot like the end of the Vietnam War betrayed the thousands of soldiers that died or were wounded in that God forsaken place.  Rather, than just kill Terrorists, we experienced mission creep in Afghanistan as our leaders decided they would nation build staying there 10 years longer than should have occurred.  With the Taliban Victory, Afghanistan will once again be used as a base for Terrorists.  It will be necessary to strike back to destroy Terrorist bases from the air in the very near future.  

President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex as he left office.  Eisenhower saw the cabal that existed between American companies, Congress and the Generals that profited from War.  No matter what they say, we must be very cautious about landing troops in other countries.  And, many of the troops we have now in about 150 countries must be brought home and the sooner the better.   responsible.  We cannot be the world's policemen any longer as we face a $30 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.  Veterans are to blame for none of this.  It is our civilian and military leaders who are responsible.  

And, now the Generals are attempting to use Critical Race Theory to make the military Woke.  What they are doing will destroy the military.  We need a cohesive force to be effective in fighting wars.  Dividing soldiers by race will result in the destruction of our armed services.  It has to stop.  

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