Friday, November 19, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty Of All Charges

Justice has prevailed in the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  A jury of 12 found Rittenhouse not guilty of all murder and weapons possession charges because the evidence and the videos clearly demonstrated that this then 17 year old do gooder kid was defending himself from a brutal attack by a mob of BLM and Antifa Terrorists who rioted, looted and burned down buildings and businesses in Kenosha last summer.  In fact, his attackers all had serious criminal records, which could not be admitted in court; but these attackers were vicious criminals that should have been in jail.  

So now the civil lawsuits by Rittenhouse should be filed against Fake News CNN and MSDNC and the clowns working there that call themselves reporters who did everything they could to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse.  This also  includes Joe Biden who as a private citizen called Rittenhouse a White Supremist the same as Fake News, none of which was true.  It could be that other National Socialist Fascists should also be named in the lawsuit who continue to call him a murderer.  In fact, nothing Fake News reported was true.  Believe me, they will settle for millions of dollars to end the Rittenhouse case, the same as they did in the Nicholas Sandmann case.  

This is one more example of Fake News and National Socialist Fascist malicious malfeasance that happens everyday.  There must be consequences for their actions.  The only "Big Lies" we see come from Fake News and National Socialist Fascists on virtually every issue.  It is the reason that Fake News and Biden and his Socialist Pals Poll Ratings are in the toilet.  When are the stock holders of these companies going to say enough and demand that these clowns including the management responsible for their actions be FIRED.  The American people will shortly FIRE the National Socialist Fascists in 2022 and 2024 at the ballot box.  The BS on Fake News and put out by National Socialist Fascists must stop and the only way to stop it is lawsuits requiring that they pay out millions of dollars in judgements for their lies and propaganda.  Let's Go Brandon!

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