Sunday, November 28, 2021

In Woke America Everything Is Racist

Woke Fake News, National Socialist Fascists and the largest corporations in America have determined that everything they don't like is racist, so let me provide the YTD list:  

American History;  The US Constitution; Bridges, freeways and roads that divide neighborhoods;  Single Family Home Zoning; Law and Order; All White People because we are Oppressors;  Anyone who owns a business; Capitalism; Our Founding Fathers; Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, Christopher Columbus and Junipero Sierra among many others; All Trump Voters; Conservative Talk Radio and TV Stations; Christians and the Catholic Church; Everyone who is Pro-Life; Election Integrity and requiring Voter ID; Energy Independence; Covid; Red States; Anyone who wants a secure border and an end to the illegal alien invasion; The American Flag and the Star Spangled Banner; Gun Owners; Heterosexuals; Anyone who supports traditional marriage, parents and concerned citizens who protest at school board meetings, and Self Defense.

There are things added to the list daily.  I don't know about you; but this Blogger is sick of it.  If we don't agree to their narrative on just about every topic, we must be cancelled because we are racists.  It is all PC BS.   Let's Go Brandon!

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