Sunday, November 21, 2021

Nordstom's Ransacked in California - The Wave Of The Future In Blue States

In perhaps the first burglary of its kind in the country, 25 cars pulled up to a Nordstrom's in Walnut Creek, California about 16 miles from Oakland loaded with 50 - 80 thieves in ski masks carrying crow bars and weapons organized to rob and pillage the store.  This all happened at about 9 pm just before closing time when cash registers would have contained cash and credit card receipts.  No doubt, they entered the store with large plastic trash bags TBD as the most effective way to take their fill of everything they could get their hands on.  Certainly, they would have gone for the most expensive items that were probably scoped out days before to get in and out of the store quickly.  As of now, just a few thieves have been arrested.  The PF Chang's nearby seeing what was happening went into lock down mode in an attempt to protect their restaurant and guests.

It is not bad enough in California that a thief can steal up to $950 worth of goods by law with little chance of arrest.  Now an organized ring of thieves decided to go bigger.  Since Walnut Creek is an upscale suburb of San Francisco connected by BART, the subway system to get into the city, my bet is that this gang came from nearby Oakland where crime is among the highest in the country.  It remains to be seen; but this would just be connecting the dots because that is where the criminals live.  

Already in San Francisco, Wal Greens and other stores have simply closed down because the crime and theft are so great.  People put stickers on their cars that read, please don't break our windows because there is nothing in the car to steal.  Crime and the homeless in cities like San Francisco and Oakland have made these areas No Go Zones.  It is just too dangerous to be on those city streets.  This is Joe Biden and the National Socialist Fascists America.

Shopping malls and other stores in California will need to hire more armed security and install more video cameras to protect them from organized theft and attacks.  There will be need to be more controls on who can enter malls and stores.  California is Blue State nirvana run by National Socialist Fascists often out to defund the police.  So, when you call 911, there is no guarantee that anyone will show up, which is probably why legal gun sales are going through the roof.  People in California and many other cities and states run by Socialists need guns to protect themselves.  This is what happens when civil society breaks down.   Let's Go Brandon!  

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