Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Quemala Harris May Be On Her Way Out The Door

I have been taking bets on whether Joe Biden would survive his first year in office.  I figured he would either die of a stroke or heart attack, or Fake News and the National Socialist Fascists would use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office for Dementia.  And, while either of these things could very well still happen, I am now starting to believe that the Socialist party may want Quemala Harris gone because her poll ratings at 28% are even worse than Biden's.   

The woman is just not likable and her laughing hyena persona whenever she faces stress is tough to watch.  There is talk that Biden could appoint her to the Supreme Court when an opening comes up.  They could pressure one of the liberal old guys to resign to make way for Quemala.  She would be no better or worse than any other Socialist Biden is likely to appoint anyway and it would be an acceptable face saving way of getting rid of her.  

Another option would be to appoint her to be the Ambassador to India, since she is half Indian. Biden could say that he really needs her there to get India to work on climate change.  And, who knows, Quemala may just resign because there is no love lost between her and Biden.   In fact, there appears to be mutual hatred that is becoming obvious.   It has been reported that Biden's cronies in the administration can't stand Quemala.  They keep giving her tasks that she fails at to make her even more vulnerable to a firing.  

All I know is that this woman is not ready to be President.  Biden needs to get rid of her before he kicks the bucket.  He has to get somebody in the job that can be President at a moments notice and that is not Quemala Harris.  

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