Monday, November 8, 2021

The Biden Misery Index - The Price Of Bacon and Gas

Since Joe Biden took office last January, inflation has gone through the roof and is now out of control.  This is happening because Biden's Executive Orders have taken the US from being energy independent when Trump left office to the need to actually import oil from OPEC, countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.  Biden has been begging these countries to increase production, which they refuse to do resulting in gas prices up $1.50 a gallon approaching more than $5 a gallon in some states.  Since the cost of energy is baked into everything we do, buy, eat etc. naturally prices for everything are higher.  

It is also costing much more to heat and cool our homes; thanks to Joe Biden.  All of this is completely unnecessary.  It just shows what happens when Socialist environmental radicals pushing the Green New Deal take control of our country.  Shortly, we may see gas lines as occurred during the Carter years that cost Carter the Presidency when Ronald Reagan won in a landslide. 

But it is not even just the price of gas.  The other aspect of the Biden Misery Index is the price of a pound of bacon, which has gone from about $4 a pound to $9 a pound in some places.  This is just indicative of the rising cost of food overall.  Inflation hurts the poor most since they must choose between food and gas and other things necessary to the quality of life.  Joe Biden and the other National Socialist Fascists just don't care what they are doing to the standard of living in our country.  Their intent is actually to cause a lower standard of living in our country to benefit other third world countries.  With Biden, it is all about America last.  So, they can kiss the Congress and the Presidency goodbye in 2022 and 2024.  There will be a huge backlash.  The American people have already had it with Joe Biden demonstrated by his poll ratings with are in the toilet.  Quemala Harris even has lower poll ratings than Biden.  It is just too bad that we must endure a few more years of this incompetent buffoon and his sidekick VP. 

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