Sunday, November 28, 2021

Flash Mob Robberies - Civil Society Is Breaking Down

Antifa and BLM Terrorists got away with rioting, looting and burning down government buildings and businesses.  The result was thousands injured and some killed and more than $2 billion in property damages in many cities.  So, now we are seeing stage two of that lawlessness and the break down of civil society.  Flash Mobs coming out of our inner cities that may be affiliated with Antifa and BLM to be determined have figured out that it is smarter to steal high value goods that they can sell along with the drugs they often pedal.  Why not! In many states that have eliminated bail, these crooks will be released if they are caught and or probably charged with a minor crime, if charged at all. 

Sadly, to date two security guards both in California have been murdered by these flash mobs in the course of their crimes.  No doubt, there will be more violence in the weeks ahead.  So now high end stores like Nordstrom's, Louie Vuitton, jewelry stores and many other retail stores are targets for Flash Mob robberies mostly in Blue States and cities because Red State Governors would send out the National Guard if needed to protect their businesses.  Further, many in Red States own and carry guns that would be used for self defense in the event they were attacked in the process of one of these Flash Mob robberies so there is more of a deterrent.  

So while Joe Biden and his Justice Department focus on arresting and prosecuting parents and other concerned citizens protesting at School Board Meetings, we are seeing organized crime in many cities terrorizing businesses as they walk away with thousands of dollars of high end products.  Clearly, Fake News and the National Socialist Fascists are missing in action.  Where is the outrage related to Flash Mob crime.  The usual big mouth Socialists in Congress are silent because they support defunding the police at a time when crime is rampant.  Civil Society is breaking down.  Let's Go Brandon!  

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