Saturday, November 13, 2021

Congressman Adam Shifty Schitt & The Russia Hoax

While there are many National Socialist Fascist Liars and Crooks in Congress, perhaps none is worse that Congressman Adam Shifty Schitt of California.  Schitt was on Fake News almost daily for four years peddling the Russia Hoax story attempting to falsely connect President Trump to Russian Collusion during the election of 2016.  Even the Mueller investigation found nothing after wasting millions of dollars; yet Schitt continued to push the Big Lie.  Schitt who is Chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the House regularly leaked doctored classified information to smear President Trump.  Schitt is also behind the January 6th Committee Witch Hunt.  

We know now as a result of the Durham investigation and prosecutions that it was Crooked Hillary Clinton who paid for the Steele Dossier, full of lies and fabrications in an attempt to dig up dirt on Trump.  The Russia Hoax story was nothing more than dirty politics pitched by the dirtiest politicians of them all Crooked Hillary and Socialist Party Hack Adam Shifty Schitt.  

But it gets worse,  Schitt has ties to a big California Socialist donor Ed Buck who was convicted in 2021 of using drugs to torture and murder several Gay Black Men in his perverted sex schemes.  Since Schitt represents the district in California where these crimes occurred, we can be sure that Schitt must have gotten political donations from Buck; yet Fake News, complicit in Schitt's crimes, has done nothing to investigate their ties.  

Congressman Adam Shifty Schitt is all over TV promoting his book again full of lies.  This sleazy Socialist Party Hack should resign or be forced out of Congress.  Schitt really should be in jail for his crimes.  When the Republicans take control of Congress in 2022, hopefully they will vote to censure and throw Schitt out of Congress.  Next to Mad Max Waters and Eric Swalwell, Adam Shifty Schitt is the worst of the worst.  Schitt has to go!  

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