Saturday, November 20, 2021

National Socialist Fascists & Fake News Are Destroying Our Country

National Socialist Fascists and Fake News are out to destroy our country.  The largest companies in the United States including Big Tech follow the party line so they are complicit, as well.  These Socialist Fascists are determined to limit or eliminate our freedoms.  To do so, they are weaponizing the FBI, DOJ, IRS and other government agencies.  The latest example designating parents and other concerned citizens who protest at school board meetings are "domestic terrorists" targeted by the FBI is just the latest example.  In addition, they are attempting to add 89,000 IRS agents in Biden's $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs, Build, Back, Broke Plan to intrude into all aspects of our lives by monitoring our bank accounts.  So, just maybe we will see an FBI or IRS agent knocking on our doors sometime soon. 

In addition, the Green New Deal will result in a lower standard of living for all Americans, which is their intent because as globalists, they support America Last policies.  We already see it happening as prices for everything are going through the roof; thanks to Joe Biden.  We had become energy independent for the first time in decades when President Trump was in office and now we are importing oil again as Biden begs OPEC countries, many of which hate us to increase output.  It is clear that Biden has dementia; but we see now that he is either also crazy, or out to destroy our country so that China, paying his family bribes can take over the world.  

The National Socialist Fascists have opened our border to allow the illegal alien invasion happening everyday.  Drugs and Terrorists are entering our country in the process.  They are intentionally doing this do destabilize our country by creating chaos.  The rule of law has completely broken down, which is why many feel the need to own guns to protect themselves.  

National Socialist Fascists and Fake News fear the half the country that voted for President Trump, so they attempt to cancel us and destroy Trump in the hopes that he will not be able to run again in 2024 because they know that if he runs, he will win unless they can rig the election again.  God willing Trump will be healthy and sound so that he can run again in 2024 to take back and save our country from these Socialist Fascists.  In the meantime, we must fight to protect our First Amendment rights to free speech and our Second Amendment rights to own guns.  That could mean many lawsuits by patriotic Americans and Red State Attorney Generals.  As we saw in the Rittenhouse case, since these Socialist Fascists are purposefully attempting to destroy civil society, we may have to defend ourselves from attacks if we can't count on the cops to do it.  Let's Go Brandon!

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