Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Biden Taps The Strategic Oil Reserve

At the insistence of his National Socialist Fascists pals scared to death of upcoming elections in 2022 and because of recent Republican wins all over the country, Joe Biden has tapped the Strategic Oil Reserve in an attempt to bring down prices at the pump.  Biden is dumping 50 million barrels on the market, which is a drop in the bucket; basically a three day supply.  To make matters even worse, a lot of this oil will be going to India and China.  This desperate action will do nothing to bring down the price of gas or heating oil ahead of a cold winter.  

Instead of begging OPEC to pump more oil, Biden should immediately approve the Keystone Pipeline and get oil production going in Anwar in Alaska.  Biden should be telling American oil and gas companies to put a petal to the metal to start pumping as much oil and natural gas as possible to supply our nation.  Remember, we were energy independent the day Trump left office.  Matter of fact, the United States became a net energy exporter for the first time in decades.  

Biden and his Green New Deal are screwing the American people.  The price of gas is up $2 a gallon in many areas and it will go higher because of Biden's stupidity.  And, the price of energy impacts the price of everything we do, buy, eat etc., which is why inflation is going through the roof.  National Socialist Fascists will lose the Congress in 2022 because clearly the American people have had it with Biden's America Last Policies.  The price of bacon at $8 or $9 a pound and the price of gas at $5 a gallon in many areas is the kiss of death for the National Socialist Fascists.  The misery index tells the whole story.  Let's Go Brandon!  

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