Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Biden & Harris Poll Ratings In The Toilet

It is not bad enough that Joe Biden's approval rating is now only 38%, Quemala (How Bad In Spanish) Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in modern history with even lower poll ratings than Biden.  This woman is just downright unlikeable, which is probably why she had virtually no support in the Socialist Primaries.  Harris is tone deaf.  She can't seem to get any photo op right.  Then there is that laughing hyena nervous response whenever she is backed into a corner by Fake News reporters who do everything they can to give her a break.

This is classic example of an Affirmative Action appointment.  Joe Biden needed a Black Woman on the ticket.  That is all fine and dandy; but he chose one that is absolutely not ready for prime time.  Quemala Harris is no Condolezza Rice, or even Oprah Winfrey.  Certainly, there were other Black women in the United States like Congresswoman Val Demings from Florida who would have been a much better choice.  And, or there are many women of color who have been very successful in business that could have served as Vice President.  

The odds are pretty good that Joe Biden will not serve out his first term.  The thought of Quemala Harris becoming President over night is scary.  It is time for the Socialist Party to push Harris out so Biden can appoint someone with more experience and credibility.  And, if it must be a person of color which is fine; be it a man or woman, we need someone as Vice President who can assume the office quickly in the event that Biden either drops dead, or is pushed out of office by the 25th Amendment as a result of his obvious dementia. We have serious Biden made problems in our country.  We need a Vice President who can do the job of President.  That is not Quemala Harris.  

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