Friday, November 5, 2021

Defunding the Police Is Dead

The recent election saw the initiative in Minneapolis and candidates supporting defunding the police go down in flames.  While some radical National Socialist Fascist may support defunding the police, reasonable people of all races and political parties see crime going through the roof.  The last thing people want is calling 911 and having no cop with a gun show up.  Thankfully, defunding the police is probably dead because Socialist leaders realize it is a loser for them. 

In fact, we need more police on the beat especially in high crime inner cities.  Yes, they need good training.  And, Yes they should only use lethal force when absolutely needed; but the thought of no police would result in the collapse of civil society.  And, nowhere are police more important than in our inner cities where Black on Black crime is resulting in thousands of murders every year.  

The only problem with all of this is that cops are not feeling the love as they continue to be demonized by radical National Socialist Fascists.  As a result, they are retiring and outright just quitting.  The movement to take away immunity from cops would be disastrous as cops would be risking everything they own facing lawsuits just doing their jobs.  Removing immunity would result in mass resignations.  It is another way to defund the police without actually taking the money away to pay for cops.  We can't let this happen.  

Thinking people must stand up and say no to anything that threatens cops if we are to deal with the crime on our streets.  Those who demonize police must be "cancelled".  We need more cops not fewer cops.  Hopefully, common sense will prevail.  

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