Thursday, November 4, 2021

Critical Race Theory Code Words & The LGBTQIA Agenda

Woke Public School Board Members, Administrators and Teachers often claim that Critical Race Theory Marxist, revisionist, racist fake history is not being taught in public schools; but it is a lie.  Instead, they use code words like Social Justice Curriculum, Diversity Training, or Equity Education thinking that parents and other concerned citizens will go away as long as they don't use the CRT terminology.  The problem for them is that concerned citizens are not stupid.  They hear from their children what is going on in classrooms.  White Shaming, calling all White people racist oppressors and lessons that disparage Capitalism and Western Civilization, while advancing Socialism and Communism, which has been happening for years in our colleges and universities has now made its way down to our public schools.  They are indoctrinating not educating.  

In addition, the LGBTQIA agenda is front and center in our public schools today and it is even being advanced at the elementary school level.  In Reno, Nevada where we live inappropriate Sex Education is happening in the 4th and 5th grades, while half the school district's kids cannot read or do math at grade level, which is the case all over the country.  Gender screening is happening related to discussions about sexual orientation.  Some teachers are telling kids that just because they were born a boy or girl, it does not mean that they must remain a boy or girl.  Some of the things we hear about in our school district are shocking; but these things are happening all over the country, which is why parents and concerned citizens are showing up at school board meetings to demand an end to Critical Race Theory and pushing the LGBTQIA agenda including transgender boys being allowed to use girl's bathroom and locker rooms.  

To be fair, there are teachers opposed to what they see going on, however, if they are vocal in their opposition, they risk losing their jobs and or being called racist or homophobic none of which is true.  The good news is that the Republican Party is standing up in opposition to all of this.  Governors in Red States are fighting back and using Executive Orders to stop some of the crap that is happening.  At the federal level, Republicans are proposing the Parents Bill of Rights to stop this crap.  Clearly, the reason school board meetings are so raucous is that the culture war is impacting our nation's children and parents and other concerned citizens are standing up to say ENOUGH and NO MORE.  Many school board members will lose reelection or even face recall if they continue what they are doing. Ultimately, with the right school board members in office, woke administrators and teachers who push CRT and the LGBTQIA agenda will be told to cease and desist or be FIRED.  

Since half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level, we must get back to focusing on improving academic achievement.  Woke School board members, administrators and teachers who fail in this primary mission are committing malpractice.  If they continue, they have to go.  Taxpayers have a right to expect great public schools, since we spend more on public education than any other nation in the world only to achieve poor results.  It is time for radical change.  School board members and those who work in public education either need to get with the program parents are demanding and stop indoctrinating children, or they must be invited to join some other profession.  They are currently hurting kids.  We can't allow that to continue.  

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