Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Crisis At The Border - More Caravans Are On The Way

In the last week, thousands of illegal aliens from Haiti were let into our country to end the pictures of all of them under the bridge in Del Rio.  At all cost, Joe Biden had to end those pictures because they represented the failure of his administration to control the border.  So, some were sent back to Haiti; but the majority are now roaming free in the United States.  

What is worse is that there is another caravan forming in Columbia with 20,000 or more people.  This is the most organized coordinated movement of people in world history.  They are coming because they know that Biden will let them in.  But what is interesting is who is behind all of this.  Of course, the Cartels are the human and drug trafficker organizing the Caravans.  And, the Catholic Church in particular is working hand in hand with them because the church is providing the way stations along the way to feed these people.  Since locals could not possibly fund the feeding of thousands of people, we can only surmise that the Cartels are paying the Church to take care of these people.

Since our government often mismanages the things it touches, we must recognize the efficiency of the Cartels.  What they are doing and achieving is quite remarkable.  In the process, they are making billions of dollars.  The Catholic Church as an NGO is being paid by the US government once the illegal aliens get into our country to care for them.  Catholic Charities are behind all of this feeding at the trough.  

Since many Conservative Catholics have left the Church because we can't stand Socialist Pope Francis, the Church is replacing our donations with government money.  None of this is happening by accident.  This is big business both for the Cartels and the Church.  It is time to take tax exemptions away from the Catholic Church.  They are functioning like a business not a charity.  Their "good works" are facilitating the invasion of our country.  It has to stop.  

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