Thursday, September 23, 2021

Joe Biden, National Socialists and Fake News Missing In Action

Isn't it funny, when President Trump was in office, the National Socialists and Fake News regularly went to the border to see for themselves the cages that Obama built housing illegal aliens.  There is now some indication that Joe Biden has never even been to the border in his 45 years in office.  And, Biden certainly is not going down there now that there are thousands of illegal aliens invading our country every month; more than ever before. 

Quemala Harris is supposed to own the border crisis as part of her portfolio; yet she is nowhere to be found.  And, all the other Big Mouth National Socialists in Congress and Fake News are not going anywhere near the border with their fake tears as was the case when Trump was President. The fact is that none of them want to bring focus to the crisis on our border.  They want these illegal aliens swept under the rug so that they don't have to address the problem.  

Secretary Mayokas, another Big Mouth in charge of Homeland Security should be fired for lying to Congress and for failing to deal with the invasion at our border.  It is time to send the army to our border to stop the invasion no different than if China or Russia were invading our country.  Biden is supposed to be the Commander In Chief.  Biden swore an oath to preserve and protect our nation.  Clearly, that is not happening as thousands of illegal aliens are invading our country every day.  Biden should be impeached for this inability to protect our nation.  Don't count on it as long as the National Socialists are in charge and Fake News refuses to report the story.  We have a crisis at our border that is not going away any time soon as long as these clowns are in office.  

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