Friday, July 9, 2021

Fake News CNN Ratings Are In The Toilet

Fake News CNN's ratings are in the toilet.  None of their shows break a million viewers.  This contrast with Fox News Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity that regularly get 3 million plus viewers every day.  The same is now true with the guys on NewsMax.  This is serious.  Ratings tie directly to ad dollars.  When ratings stink, ad dollars go away.  So where is the management of CNN owned by AT & T.  It is time for heads to roll.  CNN's commentators can't draw an audience without President Donald Trump to kick around.  Trump predicted that without him in office both CNN and MSDNC would die and sure enough it is happening. 

Only NewsMax and CSPAN will carry Trump's rallies and when they do their ratings go through the roof.  Trump sells.  We can't get enough of him.  It is just that simple.  At some point, the stock holders of AT & T will demand that they dump CNN.  Trump should put a consortium together to buy CNN renaming it TNN for Truth News Network.  Think of the pleasure Trump would get when he tells the left wing big mouths at CNN, Cooper, Lemon, Tapper,  Cuomo and others, You Are Fired.   Trump would have to clean house to get the ratings back up.  There is no other way.  It would be a legitimate business decision given ratings that continue to fall.  

No doubt Trump would be able to attract some of the guys over at Fox who are probably not to happy with Fox these days.  NewsMax is the station of preference now for Trump supporters; half the country.  It is the only place other than some of the guys at Fox to get the truth.  Otherwise,  Fake News is nothing but lies and Socialist propaganda.  A majority of Americans now believe the mainstream media is an enemy of the people, which is why their ratings stink.  Half the country will not watch CNN, MSDNC and other propaganda networks that continue to protect the Biden Crime Family.  We know BS when we hear and see it.  

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