Monday, December 21, 2020

The Deep State Is Real

The Deep State is real and it is destroying our democracy.  It is composed of politicians of both political parties in office for decades, government bureaucrats, Fake News, Hollywood, Big Tech and the 100 largest global companies in the US that control 50% of our GDP.   All of these people and entities are feeding at the trough at our expense controlling our country to their economic advantage.  They just spent four years destroying the Trump Presidency including implementation of massive voter fraud to steal the Presidency from Donald Trump if the Republicans in power allow it to happen, which seems likely as of this posting. 

We have seen the Deep State in action as they protected Crooked Hillary and Joe Biden engaged in all sorts of Pay to Play Schemes, essentially taking bribes to make themselves millionaires.  But these are not isolated occurrences.  This is business as usual in the Deep State Swamp.  Nothing is done because there are so many implicated.  We have watched as the FBI, DOJ, DOS, CIA and IRS persecute and prosecute Conservatives; but they have done nothing to prosecute their political allies and fellow crooks.   

AG Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray were well aware of the Biden Crime Family shenanigans more than two years ago; but they did nothing to bring the evidence into the public domain because they knew it would impact the election.   And, now Barr says no special prosecutors are necessary to investigate the Biden Crime Family or Election Integrity.  The fix is in.  Special Counsel Durham is sitting on all sorts of incriminating evidence; but two years later we still see nothing.  Durham surely knows about Crooked Hillary's dealings.  These Deep State Swamp Lizards wanted Trump to lose and Biden to win because he is one of them. 

Our democracy is in peril.  We can't trust our elections now that the Socialists have figured out how to use voter fraud and get away with it despite mountains of evidence, affidavits, videos etc. all ignored by the courts.  When the Supreme Court refused to even hear the case brought to them by the state of Texas along with several other states, it is clear that the courts are compromised as well.  SCOTUS is much more concerned about the threat of court packing than justice.   Everyone in the Deep State hates Trump and sees him as their enemy because Trump is not a member of the "Club".  Trump can't be bought or bribed because he is already rich.  Trump has the big houses and the plane that they all want; but can only get through bribery and corruption.  

The people of this country must rise up to Make America Great Again.  We cannot stand by and allow the Deep State and the Communists and Socialists to destroy our country.  It is time to organize to stop this threat to our democracy.  The internal threats we face from these enemies of the people are  far more serious that the external threats we face.  Time is running short for us to take action.  We must elect patriots with guts at all levels of government willing to fight the battles ahead.  We have to drain the swamp.  If we fail, our country is lost.  

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