Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Defund the Police - Socialist Crazy Time

 Socialist President Obama has come out against the slogan "Defund the Police"  not because he may not support it; but because he knows it is a political loser among all segments of society, including Black communities.  The big issue in our inner cities is gang warfare with gang bangers fighting for drug sale turf.  As such, gun violence specific to Black on Black crime, usually occurring with illegal guns is a real threat to the safety of law abiding African Americans that live in the inner cities of our country.  The last thing they want is to call 911 and have nobody show up and or a have a social worker come to confront a violent criminal. 

Let's get the facts straight.  First of all, cops kill more Whites in real numbers than Blacks in any given year while attempting to apprehend potential criminals.  Second, far more Blacks die as a result of Black on Black crime than are killed by cops each year.  In addition, about a third of all abortions each year kill Black babies.  This is why Planned Parenthood always has clinics in Black communities.  Where is the outrage about all these murders.  We hear crickets from Fake News, the Socialists and organizations like Black Lives Matter.  Apparently, only certain Black Lives Matter, which is just horrible.    

In cities where the police are being defunded, crime is skyrocketing.  While cops may need more training to avoid lethal confrontations, we need more cops not fewer cops.   The reality is that the rich for the most part can escape violent crime by living in gated communities with private security.  This is  happening now both in the US and in countries like Brazil where crime is so bad that the rich live in compounds patrolled by private security guards carrying AK-47's.  I know because I have seen it.  

Obama spoke up to condemn the notion of Defund the Police because he knows the the radicals in the Socialist Party are costing them elections.   2020 was a Red Wave.  Republicans gained 12 or more House seats and are likely to retain the Senate.  They flipped two state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and gained one Governor.  This is why the election smells related to Trump's defeat.  Trump actually had great coat tails.  If Biden does win, it is only because of voter fraud in a few key states.  In any case, Obama is a very smart guy; though often wrong.  But, Obama is good at reading the tea leaves.  Obama knows that the slogan Defund the Police is a loser.  He is giving other Socialists cover to come out and condemn the lunacy of their far left wing.  

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