Saturday, December 26, 2020

Public Schools, Colleges and Universities in the United States

Public Schools, Colleges and Universities 30 or more years ago were all about educating young people and making them productive, patriotic American citizens.  It used to be important to teach critical thinking and acceptance of various points of view.  None of that is true today.  Education today is all about indoctrination.  Young people are being taught that Capitalism is evil and Socialism and Communism are good despite the lessons of history.  And, then there is revisionist history.  The fact that our Founding Fathers created the greatest country in human history is no longer true according to these teacher propagandists.   Our Founding Fathers were old racist White Men and therefore they are now the enemy of the people.  

Rather than teaching that we are one nation under God, these left wing propagandists teach identity politics that we are individual races, genders, nationalities to divide our nation and in doing so White Men and even Boys in their universe are racist, misogynists, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic.  They extend those terms to half the country that supports President Trump adding the word Deplorables.  Don't think just because you may live in Red State that indoctrination is not happening in your public schools, colleges and universities because even in Red States Socialists and Communists are controlling these institutions.  

Today, there is only one way of thinking permitted in our educational institutions.  Young people are being taught that they must support abortion, right up until birth and even after, as critical to women's rights.  They are being told the Illegal Immigration and Open Borders should be the law of the land including Sanctuary cities.  The LGBTQUIA Agenda in all its extreme variations is absolutely essential to freedom in America without question.  Since Black Lives Matter apparently more than Blue Lives, all Black people are good even those rioting, looting and burning down our cities.  That includes people of other races that join them in the name of equal justice because the means justifies the ends in Communist thinking. As a result, they now preach defunding the police.  And, in their world our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights no longer matter.  So forget about Freedom of Speech and Religion and the Right to Own a Gun.  Those ideas are not permitted on school campuses.  

The Socialists and Communists running our schools fear free speech and gun ownership because they believe an armed populace may one day rise up against them to protect our rights.  In the extreme that is already happening, which is not good; but it's an obvious end result by some who choose to fight back.  It is no accident that in Socialist and Communist countries, guns are not permitted.  They look down on people of faith and see believers as dangerous. Remember, these are the people that want to take all references to God out of the public domain.  There are patriotic American teachers working in these institutions that support none of these things; but they must remain closeted and silent, or they would be forced out of teaching one way or another.  So they keep their mouths shut and heads low because they know that there is no freedom on school campuses; only robotic indoctrination and left wing ideology.  

The teacher unions have destroyed public education in the name of teacher's rights by pretending to represent kids.  They absolutely oppose school choice that would allow poor inner city parents to get their kids out of failing public schools into charter or private schools because those public schools have become the new plantations forcing those children to remain there so teachers can collect their salaries, benefits and pensions.  Teacher Unions have become the masters of poor inner city people who have no other alternatives, not much different than slave owners who controlled the slaves living on their plantations.  And, the unions will not allow merit pay or bonuses for great teachers because they don't want to be held to higher standards by comparison.  

Even most so called Catholic Universities are no longer Catholic starting with Notre Dame, which is a hot bed of Communist and Socialist ideology.   Many Catholic universities led by a Jesuit Socialist or Communist Pope have gone over to the dark side; but this has been happening long before Francis because many of these schools are run by Jesuits, the Communist order of the Catholic Church.   Many public and private educational institutions are indoctrinating young people to hate America.  We see the end result with the rioting, looting and arson on our city streets.   

Parents as tax payers, or if their children attend private schools requiring tuition, where indoctrination is occurring need to rise up and say Enough.  It time for parents to question curriculum and push back on Teachers indoctrinating their children.  We have to stop the PC BS that is happening in our country and it starts with our schools.  Children are being taught to hate those that do not support Communist or Socialist ideology.  They are being taught that traditional American values of hard work, faith, flag and freedom are bad.  This has to stop.  Parents and Grandparents must stand up and say Hell No to this crap.      

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