Sunday, November 29, 2020

Big Tech - Big Brother

Big Brother has arrived.  As a result of our smart phones, PC's and on line connectivity, Big Tech tracks everything we do.  They market the information they have on all of us to do data mining to sell virtually everything.  And as a result, they have become the most powerful wealthy companies in the world.  They support left wing Socialists and used their power to elect an illegitimate President through voter fraud.  It is all very scary and is subverting our democracy.  They censor speech they disagree with, which is usually conservative Republican speech.  

Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook etc. need to be broken up first because they have an anti competitive monopoly on information management and second because they hold too much power in too few hands and it is being used for evil purposes.  Government must regulate these companies to foster more competition and stop them from selling our personal and confidential information without our consent.  And, even if we do give our consent, we should be paid for our involvement in making them billions of dollars.  Why not?

And, then there is Alexa owned by Amazon spying on us in our homes.  As long as Alexa is turned on, she sees and hears everything happening in our home.  If we discuss buying a new refrigerator, what a coincidence that all of us a sudden we start to see information on our computers about refrigerators.  But even worse, Alexa hears everything that is happening in our families.  There is no doubt in my mind that this information is being stored in servers in the cloud somewhere in the world.  With just a flick of the wrist that information could be used for evil purposes.  Given the left wing political inclinations of Big Tech, they will use the information they have to win elections for big government Socialists just like they did for the Presidency in 2020.

Trust but verify.   Government must monitor these companies much more closely to see what is actually happening within these companies.  The same way the IRS often has people based at big companies to make sure they are collecting taxes due,  the DOJ should have agents based at Big Tech companies to make sure they are complying with various privacy laws and other regulations that are needed now to guarantee our freedoms.  

Everybody loves technology.  It has surely changed everything we do in society sometimes for the good; but now more often that not for the bad.  There is the potential for evil that must be taken seriously.   It is time for government to take action to insure that the rights of all Americans are protected from Big Brother intrusion.  

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